Who is Ender Saraç?

Dr. Ender Saraç He was born 1959 in İzmir he is making searches about Ayunveda since 1990 .He has a beautiful marriage and 3 kids . His first years in İstanbul e worked with Nukhet Duru in UNİFORM Health and Aesthetic Centre than He founded Turkeys first natural aesthetic center wich is called HAY Health Centre in 1994 and he worked for making center bigger and take care of marketing for his career.

Since 2011 He got so many awards on medicine science from turkeys best TV Chanels with his health show “Dr. Ender Saraç ile Sağlıklı Günler” . With “Dr. Ender Saraç ile Sağlıklı Günler” program he gaved so many delicious and healthy recipies . He is giving information about anti aging wellness and for a healthy life style. His tv show got the award called “this years best health tv show ”. He has 3 childhood feeding 2 adult feeding and 1 for Ramadan feeding totally 14 books he own. Dr. Ender Saraç gives private education about personal development also he gives conferences not in only turkey he gives education and conferences on world wide

Ender Saraç


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Turkeys first Ayurveda doctor !

Doctor Saraç is Turkeys first doctor in branch of Ayurveda and he has so many researches about the Ayurveda

Worlds best doctor award.

Dr. Ender Saraç; was awarded World's best doctor in Azerbaijan

Best TV Program Award

Dr. Ender Saraç; was awarded so many times with his Health Program on TV

Biography Outline

The Story of Ender Saraç

"We are not created in vain, and no event is a coincidence."



M. Ender Saraç was born in 1959 in İzmir.



He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine.

1988- 1991

First Specialization

After completing his specialization in family medicine at İzmir Atatürk Education and Research Hospital (Yeşilyurt), he became a specialist doctor.


Ayurveda Training

He became Turkey's first "Ayurveda Doctor." He acquired advanced techniques of Ayurveda from Guru doctors in India.


Acupuncture Training and Certification

He obtained the Health Ministry-approved "Acupuncture Training and Certification" through a 1.5-year training program offered by the Turkish Acupuncture Association. In the following years, he received Health Ministry-approved training in various fields, including: Aesthetic medicine Mesotherapy Cupping therapy Ozone therapy Phytotherapy.


The best-selling book in Turkey

The Ayurveda book published by Doğan Yayınları, which is Turkey's first Turkish-language book on natural and healthy living, quickly gained widespread popularity and remained among the 'Bestselling Books' for a long time due to high demand.


Best Health Program of the Year

For approximately 10 years, he has hosted the program 'Dr. Ender Saraç ile Sağlıklı Günler' (Healthy Days with Dr. Ender Saraç) on Turkey's largest television channels, receiving numerous awards. Through television, he provides information not only to Turkey but also to many other countries about delicious and healthy eating, natural medicine methods, anti-aging, and wellness.


World's best doctor award

In January, he received the award for the world's best doctor in Azerbaijan.

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